Dalco Admin AB 

Dalco Admin AB is a company specializing in corporate service. Dalco Admin AB has at the present 12 employees and is a part of the Dalco Group with 80 employees. Our office is located in the center of Rosersberg, close to Stockholm-Arlanda International Airport. Dalco Admin AB is also represented with an office in downtown Stockholm. Our line of service is know for its high level of flexibility and competitive pricing. Our basic values are competence, dedication and reliability.

Dalco Admin AB is a wholly owned private company that offers not only Swedish but also International clients a wide number of services and possibilities as far as corporate service is concerned. Our market has so far been small and middle sized companies and their owners. However we have lately assisted even some public companies.

Dalco Admin AB is an independent member of CPAAI (www.cpaai.com) which gives us access to an International network, which gives all our clients the possibility to establish businesses all over the world

Together with a number of highly qualified partners we have a long experience and competence in establishing and building structures for businesses in different countries. The idea from the start, when building our company, has been to be able to offer as many services as possible from one single source. You as a client shall not waste your valuable time to chase various parts of corporate service Dalco Admin AB will do that for you. We will offer the client a solution that will be the best possible one, considering all laws and regulations valid in each and every country.

The globalization of the economy and trade that has occurred during the last couple of years, has also given great possibilities to start companies in many different countries. Not to forget, are all the markets that has been opened due to the growth of the EU-family. We would very much like to be a business partner that can contribute to your success, domestically as well as internationally.

Please contact us by E-mail or by using the questionnaire attached to this website. As soon a s we receive any form of question we will get back to you.